Friday, September 26, 2014

USB-Boys are at an END!

Super sadness!
There are only 13 USB-Boys left! We won't be making these again. There is a small chance we will come out with version 2.0 but sales have been unexpectedly slow on this revolutionary device. SO only time will tell if we will make another version in the future.
What is the the USB-Boy? It allows you to connect your Game Boy to your computer to sync MIDI data with almost* any DAW(digital audio workstation).
Learn more by reading this descriptive article:
Learn even more by watching this demonstration video:
Get your own USB-Boy right here:

*not compatible with Apple Logic*


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  4. It's interesting to see how quickly technology advances and how certain devices become obsolete. USB-Boys may have been popular at one point, but it's clear that they have reached the end